Are Rebates Legal?

Yup.  Real Estate Commission Rebates are legal in 40 states including Florida.

How do i get my money?

You can collect your rebate in a few different ways:

  • Receive a check at closing.
  • Reduce the purchase price.
  • Apply towards closing cost.
  • Credit to seller.
  • Pre-Pay property tax & other expenses.


Resales too?

Yes.  You can use a Cash 2 Cloze rebate when buying resale property too.  While new construction rebates are the ideal application I've found a lot of success helping people buy resale property across Florida.  

How do i see property?

New construction is a no brainer.  Visit an onsite sales center and register or as your broker.  Use the Coupon when visiting for the 1st time.

Resales are bit more involved.  We suggest using websites like Zillow & to find your property.  It's your pleasure to contact the listing agents and make arrangements to see the property.  As a consumer of real estate you have a right to choose your real estate broker so simply advise that you are represented by Cash 2 Cloze or Str8 ReaL estate Company and expect your request to view properties to be accommodated without our presence.  We suggest making viewing appointments 2-4 days in advance.  Please do not hesitate to contact us in the event you find a property or a real estate agent difficult to access.

When should i contact cash 2 cloze?

Whenever you feel like it.  I suggest you reach out and say hi before using our service via phone call, by filling out a contact form or messaging Anthony via Social Media.

Are we realtors?

NOPE.  We are a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker.  We do not affiliate as a Realtor for strategic purposes.

Who's the broker?

Anthony Pizzarelli has been playing real estate in South Florida since 1999.

Serving a 1/2 Billion in real estate he's done the Mr. Real Estate Local Top Producer Thing.  Circa 2012 he realized the digital age was going to effect his traditional 6% real estate sales career so he ventured off the full service broker highway to tinker with new ways to deliver light weight real estate sales services through the web.

Anthony has a very light hearted approach towards life and likes to keep his conversations feeling casual, almost aloof;  That being said he takes your business very seriously and has been known to bend negotiations to his customers benefit.  He loves making deals and he loves this new way of selling Florida real estate he's created. 

Can i use a rebate with a mortgage?

Yes.  The key to collecting a rebate while using a mortgage to buy property is letting all parties of the sale know of the rebate.  While it is possible to offer a rebate to buyers using mortgages of 97% we require our buyers to borrow no more than 95% of their purchase price.

Any fees?

No transaction or handling fees.


Since we're giving you 80% of the commission we like you to think that you are receiving $800 for every $1,000 in commission received.

So if your $400,000 property was offering a 3% commission your rebate would be $9,600.

If you are buying a multimillion dollar property the 1st million is rebated at 80% and anything above $1,000,000 is 90%.  For lower priced properties we have a minimum commission charge of $1,000.



We ideally want you to fill out the GOOGLE DOCS Form with as much info as possible.  Upon receipt we will review it and call you to discuss.  If you do not hear from us within an hour or just after an overnight period please call as via 888-888-2814 to confirm we received your request.  That being said filling out a contact form or just calling to say hi will get us sorted out and on the same page in a flash.

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