Are Rebates Legal?

Yes.  Real Estate Commission Rebates are legal in 40 states including Florida.

How do i get my money?

You can collect your rebate in a few different ways:

  • Receive a check at closing.
  • Reduce the purchase price.
  • Apply towards closing cost.
  • Credit to seller.
  • Pre-Pay property tax & other expenses.


Resales too?

Yes.  You can use a Cash 2 Cloze rebate when buying resale property.  

How do i see property?

New Construction properties have sales centers.  When visiting these sales centers register Str8 ReaL estate Company as your broker.  New developers are usually very gracious host only requiring Str8 ReaL estate's basic contact information to activate your commission rebate.  

To see resale properties we encourage you to contact listing agents directly for showings.  Please contact us should you require additiaonl support accessing resale properties.  

wHere can i get a rebate?


Who's the broker?

Anthony Pizzarelli is a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker & owner of Str8 ReaL estate Company.

Originally licensed in 1999 he has serviced near 1/2 Billion in properties working in and around Palm Beach.  Witnessing, engaging & being successful in the ultra high-end 6% commission business Anthony knows the ins and outs of a real estate sale.  

Anthony spends most of his time between Miami, Palm Beach & The Treasure Coast.

Can i use a rebate with a mortgage?


Any fees?



Your rebate would be $9,600 based on a 3% commission rate.

how do i start?


Please fill in a contact form for more information & to start your rebate anytime.

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